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We are

Zac and Jess.



We love road-trips, good coffee, and breakfast for supper.


As well, we love capturing photos that tell a story; whether that be the sunrise on the morning of your wedding day, or your mom closing the buttons on your dress, or anything that is unique to the two of you.



Our mission: for our creativity to glorify our Creator. 

Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. - 1 Corinthians 10:31b


This is our love story.




Love story

It was a cold, windy day, not unusual for my May long birthday. We were in the midst of summer camp training, and I was sitting on an uncomfortable bus seat headed to sing and dance and teach kids about Jesus at Kids Zone. Someone I didn’t know was telling me I look like the red-headed girl from the logo of the fast-food restaurant Wendy’s.


Suddenly, this handsome guy behind me with twinkling eyes and a sideways grin joined in the conversation to agree that I do indeed look like the Wendy’s girl. He had short reddish hair that curled around his forehead, and a faint mustache.

That was the beginning of a friendship between the two of us.

We ended up both going into full-time ministry at Winkler Bible Camp. We worked together often on the off season; we would spend countless hours repairing chairs, or pulling nails from rafters. Little did we know, our boss was intentionally setting us up.


I always liked Zac. He would notice things that most people would miss. He didn’t speak often, but when he did, his words had purpose. When I needed someone to talk to, he would listen.


Our roles at camp eventually changed, and we both started to work in the office. Zac became the media manager, spending much of his time taking photos and making videos. I became a programmer, writing material for summer camp. From my desk I could pleasantly see Zac at his desk.

In 2014, for a Valentine’s drama put on by the Bible Camp, we were paired up to swing dance.

I was so nervous. I didn’t enjoy dancing and I didn’t want to have clammy hands. The dance had many lifts and spins; so we needed a lot of practice. We spent many hours after work going over the moves and it was during these hours that I started to realize just how much I liked Zac.


We spent the next year as close friends. We would always call on each other for advice, and would text each other when we found really good puns. We had a good friendship, and I always hoped one day we could be more than friends. I learned much and prayed often for Zac during this season of waiting.

God’s timing is wonderful, and He truly knows best.

In March of 2015, we started spending evenings going for walks together. Zac got permission to go see a very old home on a property near the camp. My dad lived in that home for a few years as a young boy. We walked together to the old, caving-in house and stepped inside. It was an amazing experience for me to see a piece of my dad’s childhood. It was that same day, looking up at the stars next to the house, that Zac told me he liked me.

A couple weeks later we started dating. Our first date was at a local ice cream shop. 

9 weeks later, on a beautiful spring evening, Zac took me for a ride in my parent’s 1964 Chevrolet Impala (the vehicle that my parents drove when they dated). We drove to one of my favourite spots: a small winding river in a small bush near St. Agathe. Zac pulled out a picnic blanket, we talked, and then he read me the love chapter from 1st Corinthians.

It was getting dark, so I stood up to leave. When I turned back to see if Zac was following, he was down on one knee with a beautiful ring. I don’t remember the words he said, but I do remember saying “YES” and sharing our first kiss.


4 months later we got married with our own handwritten vows at 3:28 pm (that time was significant to us because we started dating on the 3rd month, on the 28th day). We love marriage. It’s a unconditional, wholehearted commitment, and we get to say YES to each other every day. Marriage is designed by God! It's so exciting that our job allows up to photograph weddings!

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